Land Freight

The one constant for any shipment is that there is always a land transport element to it. At some point, your shipment is in a truck. The key to our success in land transportation is having the tools that allow us to keep our customer informed with . . . .

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Ocean Freight

We has a wide selection of Ocean freight products. We ensure your cargo reaches the right destination, at the right time and at a cost effective way. Our alliances with ocean carriers handle every major container port in the world. Our volumes managed . . .

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Air Freight

Air Freight is a part of the comprehensive and efficient network that has been developed to ensure that your products will deliver on time and with zero error. RAK Logistics partners with airlines and freight forwarders to offer seamless air freight solutions to . . .

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Customer Satisfication Tools

Prior studies of how service quality evolves during the service delivery process have used aggregate case data in retrospect or have not obtained objective measures of the actual dimensions of the service encounter on an individual basis.

Management & Reporting

What is management reporting? Management reports keep internal stakeholders “in the know” of company activities. They’re among the internal reports managers and senior executives use to run the organization, make business decisions, and monitor progress.

Freight Payment Options

  • Cash at origin facility
  • Bank transfer in advance.
  • Modern Payment options

Compliance Solutions

The word cargo refers in particular to goods or produce being conveyed generally for commercial gain by ship, boat, or aircraft, although the term is now often extended to cover all types of freight, including that carried by train, van, truck, or intermodal container.

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

Yes it is normal to have some extra delivery costs. We do our best to narrow down the extra delivery costs to suit the pockets of our clients. Contact us for more details about issues related to extra delivery costs

Freight payment refunds are usually processed with the same mode of payment initially used to pay any extra delivery cost. These are just reversed transfers

International removal companies pack, load, transport, and deliver your household belongings to your new home. 

International moves can be complex and require strong relationships between moving and shipping companies. Most moving companies in the United States can’t handle international moves. 

Here are some tips for moving internationally:
  • Prepare: Plan as much as possible in advance.
  • Research: Research your destination country, culture, and customs.
  • Prepare financially: Make sure you have the right insurance and that your passport and visas are in order.
  • Arrange your move: Obtain or update your passport, apply for visas and residency permits, and arrange your move.
  • Get familiar: Become familiar with the culture and customs. 
The most common and cost-efficient way to transport household belongings is by shipping via sea freight. Sea freight is cheaper than air freight and can carry heavier loads. However, it can take longer than air freight. 

This is not professional financial advice. Consulting a financial advisor about your particular circumstances is best. 

Here’s some information about picking up cargo at the destination:
  • Air cargo
    After the goods arrive at the airport, the airline will contact the consignee to inform them of the delivery time. After customs clearance, the consignee can pick up the goods.
  • Import haulage
    This is the transfer of cargo from the import warehouse to the consignee’s address. It can take a few hours to many days, depending on the distance and geography.
  • Empty containers
    These are picked up from the destination port by a truck and taken to the next warehouse to be loaded with cargo. 
Shipping rates can be volatile due to a number of factors, including:
  • Market demand
    The more desirable a product is, the more in demand it becomes. For example, the retail market slows down after Christmas, so imports from Asia to the U.S. are traditionally slow from December through April.
  • Supply and demand
    Rates increase when demand exceeds capacity, and decrease when capacity exceeds demand.
  • Capacity constraints
    These can include driver shortages and long delivery times for new vehicles.
The company, or freight bill payment company accepts payment of transportation invoices with the agreed-upon method, often Skrill, Bank Transfer or  Virtual Payment Options

International moves can be complex and require strong relationships between moving and shipping companies. Most moving companies in the United States can’t handle international moves. 

Normally, after the goods arrive at the destination airport, the airline will contact the consignee and inform the delivery time based on the consignee information on the bill of lading. After the customs clearance is over, you can pick up the goods.

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